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Go 1126 - RoLo - 101m

Category: Dry Tonnage / Ro/Ro-Ro/Lo

MPP, Ro/Lo with stern ramp, blt 1996, Germany, dwt 5098, loa 101.2m, beam 18.6, lm abt 400, teu 500, m/e 1x7080bhp, max speed 16kn

Location: Red Sea
Price: On Request

Go 1111 - RoRo - 199m

Category: Dry Tonnage / Ro/Ro-Ro/Lo

RoRo with bow & stern ramp, blt 1999, Japan, dwt 6800, loa 199.9m, beam 24.5m, lm 2631, m/e 2x32400bhp, max speed 30kn

Location: Greece
Price: On Request
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